First Person Stories that Challenge, Entertain and Inspire

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'Coming Out: Stories of Action & Reaction':

Two Story Teller's. One Gay. One straight. One came out.

One wasn't ready for the News.

Tuesday, May 19 at 5:30pm AKST
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For those who live on the "Last Frontier" life is more than deep snow and wild animals. Sometimes it's poignant, humorous and just plain odd.

Storyteller Tom Cosgrove, provides a view of Alaska not often seen in Hollywood productions.

A portrayal of personal experience, these family friendly tales explore Tom's "Nearly Normal" Alaskan life.

Tom's stories encompass the breadth of his life. From natural child birth, to wild animal encounters, to deadly cold water and urinating next to a president.

He's tackled death, grief, tatoos, homosexualty, placentas and how to pack a mini-van.

Just listen!

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