Who I am

Tom, his wife, and two above-average children live along the concrete banks of Gold Creek in Juneau, Alaska's capital city. But Tom's heart lies in the Upper Lynn Canal where he spends summers working on a cabin in the woods: 'a cabin which may never be finished.'

Juneau is isolated by ocean, 12,000 square miles of glacial ice and over 17 million acres of prolific temperate rain forest. There are no roads in, you have to travel by sea or air.

It's wet here, too. Juneau gets up to 90 inches of rain annually, compared to the scant 37 inches for Seattle. Those whiners. 

And while we get up to six hours of light in the dark days of winter, only 20% of it's sunshine (mostly filtered through clouds) as compared to 50% for Kansas City.

Isolated, wet, dark and cold. Why do we live here? Because most people don’t. With only 30,000 people in town, the rush hour lasts just a moment, lines are rare, and we know more about our neighbors than we prefer.

Besides, how many places in the world have bears sauntering down the sidewalks, humpback whales spotted from the highway, and bald eagles terrorized by crows?

Tom escaped to Alaska over 25 years ago and has never looked back.  He only regrets not having left the 'lower 48' a decade earlier. 

Storytelling was born of Tom’s desire to continue the tradition of a well-spun yarn.  Most of his stories have more peril than accomplishment, a result of his sense of adventure overwhelming his judgement and taking him places he has no business being.

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