What Folks Are Saying....

Healing thru Stories

With tears and laughter, Tom shared his personal losses and we connected more deeply with our own. There were moments when you could “hear a pin drop.”
-- Beth Macready, Director, Hospice of Haines

Healing thru Stories has added richness and vibrancy to the Death and Dying Unit in our Univeristy of Alaska Certified Nurse Aide program.  Tom is a gifted storyteller and a deeply sensitive man.  His stories bring tears to our eyes and laughter to our souls.
-- Suzanne Malter RN, MS; Chris Urata RN, MS - UAS Health Sciences Professors

I saw the orignal performance and I encourage everyone to support this incredible video.  It can help us face and move beyond our grief and loss.
-- Ginny Palmer - Author 'When You’re Not Here'

Tom Cosgrove is a consummate storyteller who reaches both heart and mind as he exercises his craft, and this is nowhere more apparent than in his stories of death, dying and loss. In this collection, Tom captures the poignant perspectives of those who are declining, those who care for them, and all who have been touched by grief. His stories will make you cry, laugh, and think.
-- Phil Campbell, Pastor Northern Light United Church Juneau, Alaska

Nearly Normal Tales

Tom brings tales from Alaska to life with humor and a master story teller's
flair for detail.  We enjoyed having him participate in our show.  His
stories were a treat for the audience and the members of our troupe!

-- Joe Leibovich, The Wiseguys, Memphis, Tennessee.

Tom Cosgrove is funny, honest, thought provoking and inspiring.  His stories wrap the listener into the landscape of Southeast Alaska and take us on a journey with him through moments of his life.  Take a moment and enjoy the scenery from Tom Cosgrove's perspective.  It might just change your view.
-- M.K. McNaughton, The Canvas Community Art Studio, Juneau Alaska

Tom's engaging stories capture perfectly the quirky nature of Alaskans.  And his enthusiasm for sharing experiences sure sparked a lot of storytelling at the after party. 
-- Shawna Harper, Tenakee Alaska

My wife made me go, so I wasn't exactly looking forward to it.  But it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  So fellas, just go along.  Heck, I think you'll even enjoy it.
-- Jim Harper, Tenakee Alaska

Tom is a hoot! His stories are captivating and funny. He'll make you think of Alaska, and its strange denizens, in a whole new light!
-- James Alborough, Haines Alaska

I'm grateful that Tom survived his (mis)adventures so that I could enjoy them vicariously.  I loved hearing him weave his  personal stories into odes to his wondrous home state. Can't wait to hear what he comes up with next.
-- Pam Silvergrove, Seattle WA